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Title Nihongo Drills for Intermediate Learners: Grammar

Author Setsuko Matsumoto/Yoshiko Sakuma/Yuko Hamahata/Chieko Iwami/Shoko Kanno/Makiko Morita

Price 1,296 yen (tax included)

ISBN 978-4-7890-1328-4

Published 2008-10-30

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[Grammar] Challenge Ver.

The book for reinforcing grammar basics to get you to intermediate-level Japanese!

Advance to intermediate Japanese and jump from JLPT level 3 to level 2!
Firm up your grammar skills

Thoroughly review basic grammar with drills that also enhance language performance!

Intermediate-level Japanese skills cannot be acquired without a solid understanding of the elementary grammar that forms the foundation for those skills. Nihongo Drills for Intermediate Learners: Grammar is the right book for firming up the basic grammar competencies necessary for making the transition to intermediate studies. Instead of just explaining grammar points, this book also presents numerous example sentences that allow learners to compare and sort out confusing expressions and tricky distinctions in usage.

Book Features
-Offers a generous supply of drills
-Incorporates conversational forms in many of the examples
-Presents a clear picture of usage
-Explains word connections in detail
-Provides easy-to-follow commentary

Targeted Users
Learners exiting the beginning level (capable of passing JLPT 3) who want to…
-Review elementary grammar to gain more confidence in its application
-Accurately re-learn basic grammar points to build a solid foundation for intermediate studies
-Overcome grammar weaknesses that hamper growth of their speaking/reading skills
-Do many drills to strengthen their grammar proficiency

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