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Title Nihongo Notes vol. 2


Price 1,620 yen (tax included)

ISBN 978-4-7890-1425-0

Published 2011-01-25

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Nihongo Notes vol.1
An up-close look at the Japanese language
through 50 articles carefully selected from the long-running “Nihongo Notes”column of the English daily The Japan Times

In English and Japanese

Chapter 1: Situational Phrases
‘Hai’-to ‘lie’ (‘Yes’ and ‘No’), Oishisoo-desu-ne (It looks good), Ocha-demo nomimasen-ka (How about having some tea?), etc.

Chapter 2: Difference from English
Yaseru hito? (A Person who is getting thinner?), Kaette-kudasai (Please go home), Arigatoo-gozaimashita (Thank you for having been so kind), etc.

Chapter 3: Human Relations
Aa, are-desu-ka (Oh, is it that?), Tsuide-ni (While . . .), Gurai, hodo, bakari (About, approximately, nearly), ect.

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