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Title Japanese through Dialogues for Intermediate Learners[Revised Edition]
[ With 2 CDs ]

Author Mizue Sasaki & Masami Kadokura

Price 3,024 yen (tax included)

ISBN 978-4-7890-1285-0

Published 2007-12-01

This book is ideal for students who have completed beginners'level Japanese and are looking to improve their fluency. Students will master their use of basic sentence patterns through drill exercises and example conversations.

Even if a student has mastered basic Japanese grammar, it can still be difficult to fluently integrating them into conversation. With this book, students will be able to maximize their communication skills by studying key words and phrases illustrated by a number of example dialogue passages. This is an intermediate-level textbook geared toward improving Japanese at work, at home and at school.

This book is a revised version of "Japanese Through Dialogue for Intermediate Learners." A CD is included

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