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Title Nihongo Drills for Intermediate Learners: Vocabulary

Author Setsuko Matsumoto/Yoshiko Sakuma

Price 1,296 yen (tax included)

ISBN 978-4-7890-1329-1

Published 2008-10-30

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The book for reinforcing vocabulary basics to get you to intermediate-level Japanese!

Advance to intermediate Japanese and jump from JLPT level 3 to level 2!
Enrich your vocabulary

Watch your power of expression multiply as you learn nouns paired with basic verbs!

Japanese-language learners exiting the beginning level can have a hardtime acquiring the ability to perform at the intermediate level. However,those with a firm grip on basic grammar can dramatically expand their rangeof expression simply by building up their vocabulary. Nihongo Drills for Intermediate Learners: Vocabulary is a drill book that helps learners easily enlarge their vocabulary bystudying intermediate-level (Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 2)nouns paired with beginning-level verbs.

Book Features
-Offers a generous supply of drills
-Provides the vocabulary power needed to advance to intermediate Japanese
-Presents vocabulary used in everyday life
-Includes easy-to-understand tables and translations in English, Chinese, and Korean
-Can also be used to study kanji

Targeted Users
Learners exiting the beginning level (capable of passing JLPT 3) who want to…
-Increase their vocabulary quickly without strenuous effort
-Advance to intermediate studies
-Learn intermediate vocabulary while pursuing beginning studies
-Overcome vocabulary weaknesses that hamper growth of their speaking/reading skills
-Do many drills to expand their vocabulary

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