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Title Writing E-mails in Japanese

Author Akiko Yana & Rie Ooki & Yuka Komatsu

Price 1,728 yen (tax included)

ISBN 978-4-7890-1184-6

Published 2005-01-01

E-mails are the ultimate way of communicating with Japanese people, whether for business or pleasure.
But how many people actually learn how to write e-mails in proper, natural Japanese?
This book teaches you how to do just this.

Main features:

-- Part I covers the fundamentals, including in-depth analysis on how Japanese e-mails are composed. Lists of basic expressions used to start and end e-mails are given.
-- Part II is divided into 15 chapters that differ according to the objective of the e-mail. Many example sentences are given, so that you can write e-mails straight away in accordance to your objective.
-- Expressions are classified on a 3-point scale of politeness.
-- Difficult expressions are accompanied by translations in English, Chinese and Korean.

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