14/05/22 New Releases has been updated.
11/03/01 Examination Copy of GENKI I [Revised Edition] now available (Delivery begins from March 2011).
Conversing in Japanese

This elementary handbook presents simple conversational expressions that enable you to communicate effectively in basic ...more
Price:1,512yen (tax included)
KANA CAN BE EASY [Revised Edition]

The fun and easy way to learn kana!---Revised edition to a long-running bestsellerEarly mastery of kana (hiragana and k...more
Price:1,296yen (tax included)

All sorts of learning resources for those getting started in Japanese studies, including the extensive lineup of Genki texts.

A wide array of texts for learners working up to the intermediate or advanced level.

A best-selling series of Japanese grammar dictionaries.

Texts for studying hiragana and katakana, and tools for learning kanji and kanji-based vocabulary.

This site provides information on Genki: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese, a comprehensive series of study materials that help beginning learners of Japanese to acquire the four major communication skills-listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Genki is used in classes at respected universities around the world, including Stanford, UCLA, and Sydney.
The Japan Times
Since its inception in 1897, the English-language daily The Japan Times has kept its readers closely informed about happenings in Japan and the world. Like its print counterpart, the online version features not only news, but also information on job opportunities and daily features on cinema, music, education, language, and more, offering everything you need to stay in touch with the times.
The Japan Times WEEKLY
The Japan Times Weekly is an English-language digest of news and commentary on a broad range of subjects that includes politics, the economy, sports, and entertainment. This site features articles from the print edition and information on subscribing.
Shukan ST Online
The weekly magazine Shukan ST is an English study resource for Japanese speakers, offering a diverse array of news, interviews, opinions, film reviews, and other annotated articles as learning material. Also featuring information on TOEIC and study opportunities, the magazine and its site are highly regarded by both teachers and learners of English, from high school students to seniors.